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Saturday, January 7, 2017

One Step Beyond - Madness

One Step Beyond - Madness
One Step Beyond is a tune written by Jamaican ska singer Prince Buster as a B-side for his single "Al Capone". (Label: Blue Beat - BB 324, 1964)
It was made famous by British band Madness who covered it for their debut 1979 album, One Step Beyond....
Although Buster's version was mostly instrumental except for the song title shouted for a few times, the Madness version features a spoken intro by Chas Smash and a barely audible but insistent background chant of "here we go!". The spoken line, "Don't watch that, watch this", in the intro is from another Prince Buster song, "The Scorcher".
According to Alan Winstanley, one of the producers, the released Madness version was a rough mix, created by taking the original 1 minute 10 second instrumental and repeating it, with the second half treated with an Eventide harmonizer to make it sound slightly different.

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